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I saw a pentium 3 1.2ghz fcpga2 133mhz 370 pin . Will this chip work withthe the board i'm using. currently running a pent733 fcpga and wanting more SPEED.
Or should i go and get a mobo that supports oc'ing and heat up my 733?? thanks for the reply . ps board id Intell 815eea. ??whats the diff fcpga - fcpga2 ?? Thanks
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  1. Pentium III's beyond 1GHz are Tualatins, the 0.13u version of the Pentium III. They probably won't run on your mobo, as they require a bit lower voltage. I *think* (not sure on this) that "fcpga2" refers to the Tualatin socket--which I believe is physically identical to original fcpga but delivers the necessary lower voltage for Tualatins.

    Personally, I'd just O/C your current CPU if you want more speed. 733 isn't all that slow, and I believe it can be pushed to 800 or 900. Crashman can probably tell you more....


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  2. for the price of this chip your better off just overclocking ig the one you have

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  3. Have to agree with the others. Between the price and the probable need for a new board or at least a converter of some sort, and the fact that it hasn't been out long enough to see how reliable it is, I'd leave it for a while.

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