Old win.7 and a barebone question

hi i was wanting to know if its possible to use one of my burnt copys of win.7 on fresh new motherboard? or do i need to buy fresh copy? i have some old win.7 burnt dics i use for some of my laptops and desktops that i use to reformat drives clean..oh and does it really matter if its ultimate win.7 or basic home that i will be useing in my new rig cuz im always seeing people useing ultimate win.7 in benchmark reviews?
my new rig will look something like this..
AMD 8350
ASRock Falat1ty 990FX Professional
1000w ps
12gb mem
1t hd
24xdvd burner
7770 gpu <-- this ..i will buy a better one soon
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  1. It depends. If it's an OEM copy of windows, then no, you can't use it. If it's a retail copy, then it can only be used on one computer at a time. You will need to remove windows from your old machine before installing onto the new one.

    Use whichever version you have a license for. You don't need ultimate to play games.
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