Upgrading nightmare

Hi people:
I have got a PIII 550E runing on a Soyo SY-6VBA 133 (VIA Apollo pro 133 with 2x AGP)
I have 128 in PC100 and a TNT2 ultra with 32
This machine has given me a good service for gaming from almost 1 and a halh years now!

Now I have got some good money so I was dreaming on getting a new PIII at 866-933 with some 256 of PC133... later I would update the graphics when I get some more money and prices go down.

Shocked I came to know that I can hardly get any PIII in slot 1, my mother board only supports slot 1!

Honestly I wouldn't like to switch mother board, I would prefer to get a new machine in about a year or two (I want to upgrade it to play today's games smoothly till then).

My question goes: ¿Would it be worth to look hard for a Slot 1 procesor? ¿do adapters work properly? ¿Will my system really improve performance without the graphic card?
I was also thinking on just getting a good GeForce 2 Based card, but I'm not sure I will use it at full capabilities since the motherB isn't brand new and my procesor may be a bottleneck (making the card's extrapower over my TNT2 un-noticeable)... But then again, I would prefer to get something better and cheaper later...
(If you people really think a new Mother Board will really boost me up with low cash I might even considering going for athlons, any guide would help!)


Sorry for my terrible redaction and ortography... I've lost some practice at my english.
¿How much would be a really fair price for my Procesor-MotherB-Memory bundle? A friend of mine might be interested but I wouldn't like any unfair prices for neither of us.
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  1. yo dude good news my friend bought a cpchips 810lmr it has on board video up to 64 megs allocated to vid ,56k modem and 10/100 lan on board ,also supports ata-100. The video is quite good . The board also has a agp slot if you want to chuck in a geoforce or whatever "" I got a VOODOO 5500.$$ it rocks . So the mo bo is $130 cdn and the ram is $45 cdn for 256/pc133 so for 75 usd!! prob it will make you happy for a small lump of money .Then you can stick in a duron 900 for a mear 45 usd !!about 130 bucks if it fits in your case and your on your way.. ps this board doesn't like to oc i tried even with the l1 bridges grrrr... have fun@ good luck finding someting to suit u .. oh you can also go to evergreennow.com they have adapters for slot1 to pent3 chek it out see ya i need sleap i've been playing halflife since 10 pm it is now 3:01 am and i work at 7:am ug ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  2. i di some checking and your mother baord will support a 133 fsb

    so go out and get a sloket ask crashman about which one (he is one of the best people for knowleged about this stuff)

    the chip you want to get is the 700e then you want to pick up volcano2 for like 10 to 20 dollars american. then overclock the chip to 133 fsb and that will yeild a 933

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  3. Even w/o overclocking, the slotket is the answer. I have one and it works fine, plugging in my 933 socket 370 cpu to a slot 1 board. They are like $10, in fact I have some 2 spare ones that I got a while back and never used. Send me a private message if you want more details or want one of these slotkets =)
  4. Forget the slot 1, get a PIII 700 FC-PGA, an Abit Slotket III ($8 at <A HREF="http://www.googlegear.com" target="_new">http://www.googlegear.com</A>), and an Evercool ND-8 ($12 at <A HREF="http://www.nexfan.com" target="_new">http://www.nexfan.com</A>). The Slotket III has onboard voltage controll and onboard frequency controll, you can set the thing to have a PIII 700E detected at 133MHz FSB and 1.75v, making it run as a 933EB! The ND-8 cooler is a high performance cooler with a low enough profile to allow it to clear other items on your motherboard.

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  5. Yeah well, that 130 bucks sound good enough for me!
    I'll try, I'm not sure what can I get down here and for what prices... usually it's not the best but it's good enough...(at times).

    What do you think of the following?

    -CPU AMD K7 1.3GHZ FSB 266 for 1,219 pesos that's about 128.0 US dollars (change rate may vary quite a lot)
    -MOTHER BIOSTAR M7VKA SKTA for 1,126 pesos that's almost $118.5 (they tend to sell the dollar quite expensive)
    -RAM APACER PC2100 256MB 481.39 pesos about 51 bucks (milleage may vary)

    It's quite more than those 130 but I get what I get and it's not definitive (I'm not sure how old are these prices) and I can still do some tweaking... If some one knows about the mother would be nice to know.

    Still I'm thinking that the easiest for me would be to only change the CPU... but I want to review my options carefuly.


    Just for reference: the Duron at 750 (at 100 FBS) is at about 35 bucks...
  6. Yup!
    By now that PIII with the converter thingy is my top option, however I still have to check prices and avilability! Getting a good cooler ain't quite as easy, overclocking culture is not something people does with precautions over here, however I've never really made a serious search so I might be wrong, will see what I get.
    (And very rarely online stores ship things to my country... and almost never I can get some reasonable shiping rate... plus the 3 weeks - 2 months wait... nah!)

    However it's good to know those "slockets" or whatever are reliable... and cheaper of what I thought.

    Thanks all of you guys!
  7. A while back Tom showed us which pins to use to change the detected peed of the Slot 1 processors also, you could overclock your 550E to make it run 800EB spec for free! I would skip right to the Intel developers pages and download the Slot 1 spec sheets if I were in your position. You can raise the core voltage and the bus speed simply by covering the connections with scotch tape and trimming the edges with a razor blade.

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