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what type socket does the 930N, 2.0 gig, phenom II x4 for HP have. befor i open my notebook, can it be upgraded with standerd socket for AMD Phenom IIx4, HP dv6 notebooks :bounce:
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  1. Hello John_31;

    Phenom II X4 N930 Quad Core uses an S1 socket.
    I don't understand the rest of your question.
  2. Thanks very much for your responce to my question. by the other part i mean, will any S1 socket work in the laptop or will i have to use an phenem II S1 socket for laptops only. Like my old gateway uses a pentium 4 cpu but the wattage is scaled down, so you can only use a special low watt cpu in it. i guess if i were to us a regular 95watt pent4 cpu in it ide be asking for overheating problums. in other words are all phenom II S1 scoket cpu's the same or are they differant from laptop to desktop? OR are all S1 sockets for laptops only? im thinking of upgrading from the 2.0gig N930 to somthing higher, say around the 3.gig range. i just upgraded to an SSD Harddrive, now my cpu is the slow kid on the block. So i thought i would try to kick it up a notch. PS. i fear overclocking becouse i may do damage down stream to a capasetor or diode or something else on the motherboard. becouse laptops are so-inclosed and the cooling is solution seems minimal.
  3. What was the top CPU that was offered in your laptop model/series?
  4. I think as long as you stay in the S1 mobile family and choose parts with the same TDP you should be OK.
  5. Thank You Much, I dont see much out there but ill keep searching. Thanks again
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    It's not looking like there are a lot of options. Phenom II N970 @ 2.2 GHz is the top option in the same 35W TDP range.
    Phenom II X940 BE @ 2.4 GHz might be possible even though it's a hotter CPU with 45W TDP. It's for certain it would take a BIOS upgrade. And you'd have to check to see if the motherboard has that CPU on it's supported list.
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