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I was wondering if I should get an ASUS G73SW-XT1 Laptop from or the ASUS G Series G53SW-XN1 from I want to know whether the ASUS G7 is worth it or whether the ASUS G5 is better. In otherwords, which would be more beneficial for several years from now?

Here's the link to the first laptop

And here's the link to the second laptop

The specs should be noted in the links I posted
Any advice, suggestions, or information I should know about these two specific laptops? Thanks.
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  1. Hello Calastrophic;

    ASUS G73SW-XA1 $1400 @ Amazon

    G73SW vs G53SW. Same CPU / GPU. Several years from now the performance should still be about the same.
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    My friend has G73Jh and it's a wonderful machine... everything runs ultra-smooth on graphics maxed out. I'm not so sure how beneficial G73 will be in several years from now, as hardware develops way too fast, but I'd definitely prefer it over G53 just because it has a bigger screen :) However, G53 could be nicer for you if you travel, as in that case it will be easier to carry around than its 17'' version (aka G73) and both G73 and G53 can be connected to the external screen when you're at home. The choice is yours - the laptops are identical apart from the screen.

    While Asus G-series are the best bang-for-buck gaming laptops out there, seeing as Alienware is grossly overpriced for the same config as G73, you still have to watch out. Make sure you get the config with USB 3.0 ports - my friend got one without and is mildly upset now :) Don't bother of whether your config has Blu-Ray writer, as that can be bought as an external peripheral later.

    Also, you might want tot look into the 3D-capable version of G73, if you want... but I'd say it's too pricey for just the added 3D capability.

    If you're willing to wait a few months, G74 should come out (announced already), but it will use the same GTX 460M GPU, so I doubt it's worth it...

    To sum it up: for now, G73 is the best, but seeing as the hardware gets old so fast nowadays, I wouldn't be so sure about it. I'd personally wait for new G74 with nVidia GTX5XX or Radeon HD 6XXX card. But if you want something right now - G73SW-XT1 will be absolutely best, and will definitely last you a year or two, and then later you can maybe upgrade it to an Extreme series Mobile SB processor, add more RAM, etc.

    When you get this laptop, however, don't freak out on possible driver issues - wipe the whole OS and reinstall manually (the absolutely BEST thing to do on any new laptop, since stock OS setup somehow always turns out tot be crap - IME) or at least update the drivers.

    And get some good headphones: gaming on this thing in the dark with backlit keyboard and kick-ass headphones is just amazing.
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