Compaq presario m2000 keeps on crashing


I have a Compaq Presario M2000 that keeps on shutting down with no errors. The machine is running with Windows XP home and it is set to high performance. One thing I noticed is the area where the hard disk is placed is so hot. I already purchased a cooling pad but it doesn't seem to help at all and I noticed a squeking sound on the hdd.

I've run a system check and everything seems to be ok and the hard disk looks to be working fine when I try working inside an airconditioned room.

RAM originally 256mb and I added 1GB. HDD is 40Gb.
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  1. Overheating is not coming from the HDD, but from the CPU/heatsink. you will need to get in there and do a good clean-up job. Prolly a hairball is stuck in the radiator.
    If more than a few years old, would be a good time to replace the HDD. Get a new one - with bigger capacity, while you're at it - and clone the old one there.
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