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Need advice on a new Laser Printer, please.

Our current printer is staring to go bust (HP Laserjet 2300). No networking (the device we were using for it is failing), almost out of toner and lacks functions we would like.

We ar looking for a Laser Printer (monochrome). So far this one seems like a good fit:

I can get a 30k page drum for around $100.

I have read a few issues with it though. Unless it has the latest firmware, it can trip a AFCI protected outlet and it has problems copying grey scale (though the rest is supposed to work fine).

My wife runs a parenting group on meetup and does graphics design. We do her color printing at Staples. Scanner is a must and the copier just makes life easier.

Our budget is $300 or less.

The optional features that we wanted was fax and wireless networking, but it will be networked to a wireless router (though I don't know how scanning will work with that).

Any thoughts, advice, suggestions would help greatly (I don't know much about printers, let alone laser printers).

Thank you.
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  2. Thanks. I was looking at that HP one, but reviews said it could have scanner issues and the wi-fi kept dying.

    I ended up getting this one:

    Ordered it from Staples with a $50 instant rebate and a coupon code for another $50 off. Ended up getting a toner too ($70), and a case of Staples multipurpose papa ($50) with a $25 rebate for the paper.

    After tax and free shipping, I feel like I made out like a bandit. :pt1cable:

    Just need to wait for delivery.

    This replaces the HP 2300 and the printer PSUS4 network adapter we were using. The adapter was dying, so we had to connect the printer to the closes computer (my wife's).

    Thanks for the help!
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  4. Little update.

    Staples called me on Monday to say "You used two coupons at one time and that is against our policy, even though the system allowed it, so we have to charge you another $50.". Evidently an "Instant Rebate" is considered a coupon and the fact that it said "Use this code to save an additional $50" right under the product, counts a "double coupons".

    What a load of BS.

    Then they call 5 minutes latter saying the transaction couldn't go through due to our credit card company taking the second charge as fraud. We got that fixed, but what a head ache.

    I suggest looking somewhere else instead of buying from Staples. I know we will. Went from $382 to $435 because they screwed up. Almost cancelled the order.

    O'h, and the guy changed his name for each call, same voice and way of speaking each time. We will send a complaint to Staples after we get out order. Don't want any more "screw-ups" on the way.
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