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So here's an idea for AMD to combat the my 2 gig p4 is faster than ur 1.5 athlon problem.

Why not show a Semi (u know the big trucks that haul things) and say something like "Semi - 350 horsepower"
then show a corvete and say "Corvette - 350 horsepower"
then place them on a quartermile track and have the corvette blow away the semi.... you could have intel's logo's (and p4 logo's) all over the semi, and have athlon and AMD logo's all over the corvette.

they could finish off with the catch phrase something like "Don't let the numbers fool you."
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  1. Sounds good, but i live in Australia, and i have never seen an AMD ad period. Only Intel. It screams Dreamcast all over again.
  2. I have to agree with your concept of advertising. AMD has saved alot of advertising money but it would be nice to see them at least let the truth be made publicly known on a broad scale. Most people would be flabbergasted by a glimpse at the truth about CPUs.

    Doing it right the first time!
  3. i know that the good marketing campaigns don't necessarily help the companies (for example went under yet they had that awesome hapster cannon commercial).

    Does anyone know if the Apple commercials, where they used to bash Intel, were successful??

    I think that PR rating that is the latest rumor sounds like a bad idea. i think it'll only serve to alienate the AMD fans, and confuse the ignorant.

  4. didn't go under boy! I buy all my AMD stuff from them. :-)

    "<b>AMD/VIA!</b> are <i>still</i> the weakest link, good bye!"
  5. I was always good at multiple-choice questions!
    Try this one,

    AmDmElTdOwN is:

    A. paid by Intel to write AMD-hostile posts in forums.
    B. an Intel stockholder trying to protect his investment.
    C. a moron who paid gold to buy a P4 and now tries to justify his stupidity by accusing AMD.
    D. a queer who gets off when everybody curses at him.
    E. ALL of the above.
    F. C and D, ‘cause I don’t think he’s able to profit from his stupidity.

    Pick one.
  6. Now what did you have to go and do that for.

    What is the difference between <font color=red>pink</font color=red> and <font color=purple>purple</font color=purple>? The <b>GRIP</b>!
  7. Maybe he just has a preference.

    Nice Nvidia and ATi users get a Cookie.... :smile: Yummy :smile:
  8. 1. I don't care if AMD will be able to convince the ignorant that an 1.4 GHz Athlon is faster than a 2GHz P4.
    I just wish that they will not go spent millions of $ in advertising and make their chips more expensive for me to buy.
    They will survive just as they did before, because there are people who read THG and know how to spend their hard-earned money.

    2. The best strategy is to beat Intel in their own game:
    just make an Athlon 4 or whatever that runs in 2GHz and kick the s*** out of P4.
  9. Oh yeah your comparing a Diesel engine over a Corvette un-leaded engine. The Diesel can carry a much bigger load then the Corvette. Making the Disel engine sounding it has bigger FPU compared to the Corvette extra features. Making your statement false and wrong.

    Nice Nvidia and ATi users get a Cookie.... :smile: Yummy :smile:
  10. F

    Jesus saves, but Mario scores!!!
  11. clearly you are delusional(see things that are not really there), frustrated(can't stop the machine), distraught(upset over recent a$$ reaming by a Pee4) and psychotic(as most AMD zealots are)

    "<b>AMD/VIA!</b> are <i>still</i> the weakest link, good bye!"
  12. jeez, u people are cranky

  13. The truck vs. Vette engine comparison is perhaps better suited to some of the Radeon vs. Geforce2 comparos I've read. Under low loads the Nvidia positively smokes the ATI. But, when you move up to 32-bit color the Radeon performance barely drops off, while the Geforce takes a serious hit. At high color / high res the Radeon has pulled ahead, because it can handle the bigger loads better - try hooking a trailer to your Vette... Note that to the layman, 64mb Radeon vs 64mb Geforce could be identical. (and please let's stay away from bad "driver" puns here :smile: )

    Still, the idea of the "numbers can lie" marketing campaign is a good one - how about some other ideas?

    Maybe (and feel free to shred this), sticking with the Vettes, let's go '67 427 vs. '01 Z06. Both are tire shedding beasts. If you look at straight horsepower numbers, the old should beat the new. However, the old one uses <i>gross</i> horsepower, while the new uses <i>net</i>. The new one also has smaller displacement - it's misleading to look at the raw numbers. More efficient use of technology and design let it put more power to the ground, and thus it is faster off the line [how 'bout a nice image of the Intel just smoking its tires because the crappy tires you got with it don't allow it to make use of the power it has?]

    The new one is arguing against the memories - a lot of people fondly recall the "golden age" of cars and don't see <i>anything</i> else matching them. However, though the new power numbers may seem as big, and though the new cars announce their power less loudly, put them head to head in the real world and the memories lose.

    More amusing would be watching a vintage musclecar get smoked by an econobox (a la Chevy Cavalier ad...) But I don't know that that's the image AMD wants to project... :smile:

    *As the username implies, I'm generally in the dark*
  14. Great idea, just make it something else than a Corvette (I hate corvettes).

    It's Princess Leia, the yodel of my life. Give me my sweater back or I'll play the guitar.
  15. yeah, the "number's lie" thing was the basic idea I was goin at, and the car bit was just an example
    it could be like the mastercard commercials, those were good for awhile, but the important thing was everyone knew about them.... maybe if AMD had more name recognition the numbers wouldn't be as big of a problem, like they could pitch themselves like Saturn of something... those stupid commercials made me want to buy a car off them just cause they were so damned nice.....

    hmm, ne ideas besides the car one (i like commercials) come on, someone's gotta be creative.
    the commercial could be about, umm, uhhh, microwaves, no that wouldn't work, HEY, how bout they do something with like glues and like pitch a name brand glue agaist some generic crap and the angle would be just cause it says it is more powerful don't mean crap..... ::shrug:: it's late... i'm goin to sleep

  16. cranky is an understatement

    :cool: :eek: :redface: :frown: :lol: :mad: :eek: :smile: :tongue: :wink:
  17. you dirty rat... hehe... well i guess its time to get them un-cranky... Wanta sing a song.

    Nice Nvidia and ATi users get a Cookie.... :smile: Yummy :smile:
  18. How bout this?

    You know its not the flu,
    When you keep going to the loo,
    Diarrhoea! Diarrhoea!:)

    :cool: :eek: :redface: :frown: :lol: :mad: :eek: :smile: :tongue: :wink:
  19. hey, quiet over there man, can hear ya from the hard disks board. sheesh ;p

    CPUs are like testicles, every computer should have 2!
  20. In the Audiocast AMD did last week they mentioned how they intend to market against Intel on this issue. They are going to ramp up efforts in this type of forum. A large number of home buyers purchase machines based on advice from 'trusted advisors'. I am sure most of us here have experienced questions from friends and family regarding PC purchases (and often support). They intend on relying upon these trusted advisors to get the message across rather than mass market advertising.

    So we can expect to see more specialist web advertising from AMD on THG and the like.

    <font color=blue> The Revolution starts here... as soon as I finish my coffee </font color=blue> :eek:
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