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What to get G500 or G400 Logitech Mouse?

I am in need of a new mouse and instead of going with something everyday that is wireless I am looking at getting either the G500 or G400 both of which are on sale for $45 and $30 at my local Best Buy. Anyways I am looking for people that have either used both or can give me pros and cons about the two.

I have played around with both of them a bit but having a hard time deciding so thought I would come here and see what people thought. Thanks for any help you all can offer. :D
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  1. wireless mice have never been a fun game for me. logitech g9x, its often on sale for $50-60. Whatever you do, don't buy a madcatz product.
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    The two big differences are the G500 has the tilting mouse for a couple extra macro spots, but not everyone likes that feature. I do.

    The other differences is the G500 has one extra button on the thumb.
  3. Well I decided to go to the store and just buy both of them before they went off sale and I got the G400 I have small hands and while both the G400 and G500 have similar shape the G500 seemed just a tad to big so I found myself trying hard to love the way it felt loved the features but in the end went for the one that felt the most comfortable to me.

    Thank you for the replies :D
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