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I have a problem regarding my laptop battery for which i would like to request some help. The Laptop is Toshiba A100-813. Following are the laptop power charger and battery info:


INPUT - 100-240V~ 50-60Hz 1.5 A(1,5A)
OUTPUT - 15V - 5A


all it says is DC 10.8V - 4000mAh

Both these units are by Toshiba. Now, few days back i noticed the battery wasn't charging anymore and the laptop shuts down on removing the power connection. Hence, i ordered a new battery for which the specs are:
10.8V - 4400mAh.
The battery charges well but on touching the power connection, it is extremely hot. I hope it wont catch fire or melt the power connection. I guess the difference of the 400mAh is causing the problem but i am not sure. Can someone advise me on how i should proceed.

Thank you.

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  1. The mAh is just a capacity rating miliAMPhours. The issue may be from the battery, I'm guessing you got a cheap one from China? If so, you may want to find an official Toshiba one. The 3rd party batteries are a bit of a shot in the dark if you get a good one or not.
  2. So you are saying that using a 4400mAh battery instead of 4000mAh (original) is not the cause of overheating of the power supply?
  3. aneeshkotru said:
    So you are saying that using a 4400mAh battery instead of 4000mAh (original) is not the cause of overheating of the power supply?

    Correct. It's like staying your car broke down because you got a bigger gas tank.

    The cause of the extra heat is probably with the build quality of the battery, you did not say if you got an OEM or a 3rd party one. From what is happping though, I'm 90% certain you got a 30 dollar one off ebay or something. You can try a different charger, if that has the same issue, it's because of the battery, but not due to it's capacity rating.
  4. Ah ok...Thanks a lot for your help. I did get this battery off from a store in Canada called Pwr+. I recently sent it back and i don't think will have a battery for an old model such as mine. The sad part is that i don't want to buy a new laptop as this is working super fast with the 4gb ram i had put up a while back. I guess ill have to try another store for this battery keeping in mind the correct voltage rather that mAh.
  5. If you want to make sure the battery is OK, and don't mind paying a bit more, check ebay for Toshiba batteries even if Toshiba does not stock them anymore. The risk is when you go to 3rd party China made batteries which cost 1/2 or less that of an OEM one.
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