[Solved] DVD rw is not working

MY DVD RW is not working, when i insert a disk in to dvd rw drive but it's not burning. How can i solve this prblm. It's only creating prblm when i wanted to write a disk not any types of dvd movie disk.
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  1. WTF of a post is this.

    When you insert a disk in dvdrw it's not burning ==> I sure hope so because you would get a laser beam in the eye.

    Do you use a program to burn or do you think just inserting a disk will burn data on it ?????

    what is prblm ?

    copy movie dvd are illegal.
  2. I would help you, but for the fact you are copying dvd`s and a like.
    Run quick sharp ! that knock on the door is the police for copy right infringement , it`s called Piracy mate.
    Therefore no help from me, zip nothing nada, or anyone else on these forums. got it ?
    Fancy admitting to doing such a thing, how stupid can you be I ask you?.
    Begging to be caught for such an offence, and deserve to.
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