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i just installed windows 7 ultimate after i had some issues with ubuntu video card driver and i decided to quit it for a while till i get me a new laptop. besides that, when i bought this hp pavilion g6, it came with pre-installed windows 7 home premium and with a recovery hidden partition. anyways.. my question is:
now, after i installed windows 7 premium after ubuntu, and obviously after windows 7 home premium, if i will install home premium again i'll recover the cd-key?
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  1. wow ok

    so you bought a hp pavilion g6 with win 7 home premium. im guessing you formatted it and put Ubuntu on it. You now got rid of Ubuntu and put win 7 ultimate on it?

    your kind a loosing me on that last part..... anyway there should be a green microsoft sticker with you cd key for what ever OS came on the computer somewhere on the computer case.

    If it was a pre-built from hp then the OS that came on it is stuck to that computer and dies with it (non transferable)
  2. so i made a mistake. i'm a newcomer in the IT area.
    yes, i did all that that i said above.
    well, that's that. i wanted ubuntuso much but it's a headake for newbies like me. i'll have to wait for my new machine then.
    ty for answer tho.
  3. If you wiped out the recovery partition, and did not make any restore disks before you did that, HP can send you a restore disk set, you can use the software key on the laptop with the disk HP sends you. Why buy a new machine when you can just re-install Windows on yours?
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