Budget 350-400 mid gaming/home laptop.

Im looking for a 350-400 gaming laptop thats actualy more of just an everyday laptop with a nice ati or nvidia card that can play games like black ops, cod 4, mw2, crysis 2, crysis, assasins creed, portal 2, etc on medium-low settings with a decent 40-30+ fps. I would also like a trusty acer/ toshiba, etc brand and if its say 500 something 600 something tops but its on ebay or etc for 450 or 500 that would be great thanks! Please keep in mind that that it must support pixel shader 4.0. thanks
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  1. Hello sofyanator;

    What you're really looking for is a gaming laptop that can do th e every day stuff too.

    Pixel Shader 4.0 is the least of your worries. All laptop graphics cards since HD 2xxx and Nvidia GF 8xx support it.
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    Based on what you've posted here you'd need a GeForce GT 540M graphics card to support your request for: crysis 2 medium settings 40-30+ fps.
    Something like that is going to run you, minimum, $700 on your credit card.

    Looking at the graphics card performance - how low are you willing to go? Pick a graphics card that is the lowest you'll accept.
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  3. yay found a asus g50vt-x5 refurb about 400 bucks and that 9800gts is a compromise but hay it wil do thanks anyways guys
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