Where can i find cables for my lap top to run to the tv for video

i would like to have cables to run from my lap top to my tv for video all my lap top has is usb connections what all would i have to buy to make that possible
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  1. bignavy76 said:
    all my lap top has is usb connections

    Hello bignavy76;
    Your laptop has more than just USB ports.
  2. What is your laptop and what is your TV? My travel laptop has HDMI output for example so I use that when at a Marriott where the TVs have a matching input.
  3. The TV will have either an analog video port, an HDMI port or a vga port

    If its a Mac it will likely have either a display port or mini display port... you will have to buy a converter.

    If its a PC brand, it will more than likely have a blue multi pin port for VGA. You will need to buy a vga to composite video plug (its a round yellow plug with a single connector in the middle. If you have an HDMI or DVI (DVI is normally white) you cannot connect if you dont have those ports on your laptop without spending a lot of money to convert the signal. The deal is VGA is analog and DVI/HDMI are digital.

    There are a whole lot of variables in what I just said so more detail will get you a better answer....

    and BTW, unless you use HDMI or DP, there will be no sound transferred without cables for that...
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