How to recover all files and pictures after a system recovery????

I do not know how or why but some files that I have been using were just gone when I went to find them. The files where in a word document with other files which are still there. Does anyone know how to right the wrong?
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  1. You did a system recovery? That restores your computer to a previously saved state, it means anything changed since will be reverted back to the state it was in at the last backup. That means that any files created will be lost, any files deleted will be restored and any files altered will be rolled back to the state they were in when the system was last backed up.
  2. What type of system recovery did you do? Did you read exactly what the procedure does to the system before you ran it? If you did a full system restore, you can try to run a file recovery software, Recuva is decent and is free.
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