Aspire hard drive not recognized at boot?

I have an Acer Aspire 5810TZ-4657 with 320 GB hard drive.
The bios no longer recognizes that the hard drive is there.
In the bios the IDE0 Model Name is 'None' and the S/N is blank.

I've tried unplugging the hard drive and plugging it back in again (checking the contacts, etc) but it still is not recognized.
How can I find out if it is just the hard drive that is bad or the electronics to the hard drive are defective in order to know what my next steps are (i.e. buy a repacement hard drive or look for a loose wire or something)?

Thank you!
Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Hello forthill;

    Your best bet is attaching the HDD to a PC as a 2nd drive and see if the PC can read the drive.
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