Removing the Retail HSF?

Say I'm buying a REtail AThlon 1.4Ghz Tbird 266 FSB that comes with a standard HSF on it already; is it smart to remove the HSF and put a new, better one on?? I would like to o/c the FSB and multiplier (which I don't know how to do exactly yet, someone help me with taht later) so I didn't think the standard HSF would be sufficient. Correct?
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  1. The only way to be sure is to monitor temps. I'm guessing this is a pre -built system. If it came with an app to monitor the case and CPU temps, use it. If not, try to identify the mobo or chipset - you might be able to get monitoring software from the manufacturer. Otherwise, try downloading a freeware app like Motherboard Monitor.

    If you can't overclock and keep the temp down to a reasonable level, then upgrade the HSF. Swapping the HS should be done with care, and only if you truly need something different.
  2. I'm actually building my own pc. The retail version of the cpu comes with a HSF already on it I believe and thats why I was wondering if ya'll thought it was a good idea to replace that one. I didn't know if the one they gave you was junk or not.
  3. I recommend you try the retail heatsink, and add a small fan atatched to the heatsink, blowing air from the back of the case towards the heatsink. I use mounting tape, and my cpu temps are 3-4 degrees lower.
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