Track stolen laptop serial number

i have the number and i want to know if was stolen
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  1. Hello nikki4141;

    Is this your laptop?
  2. yes it is
  3. OK;
    No, the serial number can't be used to track the laptop.

    You CAN notify the police (file a crime report) and notify the laptop manufacturer.
    That way if the police find a stolen laptop and it has your serial number you'll find out about it.
    And if your stolen laptop ever needs repairing the manufacturer might get a 'hit' on who has possession of your laptop.
  4. I did inform my principal. She was aware that two laptops were"missing" but I believe she has filed a report with our SRO. Hopefully, a crime report will be placed. Would I be able to see if it has? Meaning, if I put the serial number in, would it indicate stolen?
    I really want this person caught.
    Thanks for your help!
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