Is it necessary to occasionally reboot the computer?

This may not be strictly a Win7 question but it's the OS I have so here we are....

Certainly when the computer tells me to reboot, I reboot...other then that I really just put it to sleep at the end of the night. I realized today that I hadn't rebooted the computer in quiet sometime, Over a week, in fact. So I guess that's the question: How often, if ever is it "good housekeeping" to reboot the computer?

My system:

128gb SSD
500gb HD
gigabyte 7970 gh edition
32 gb ram(I's stupid over kill)
Win7 Home premium installed on SSD(I know...I don't even get access to the whole 32 gb...ooops)

Thanks for the input.
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  1. Most likely won't harm your computer if you don't. But rebooting seems to fix a lot of small problems like programs not working and temporary performance issues. I'd say it's a good idea to do it everyday. I just shut down my computer at the end of the day so it reboots anyways. Since windows is installed on a sdd, your boot time would only be like 15 seconds.
  2. i leave my computer up for weeks without issue. windows 7 has pretty good memory management. rebooting used to be required when systems had less ram and operating systems had memory leaks. ie, the longer you left your computer running the more ram it would use, until it would run out and run poorly.
  3. Even without an SSD my boot time for my relatively fresh windows is about 20 secs
    I tend to restart my desktop by turning it off every night buy I tend to sleep my laptop a lot and 1% of the time it will freeze when unsleeping so restarting is necessary
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