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I was too poor to afford a GFD, so by using Tom's Hardware Guide, I tried to solder my 750 mhz athlon to it's actual core speed of 900 mhz. While I was doing this, I lost a few resistors and I think I burned off some of the silver dots that hold the resistors on the board. Now the computer will turn on, but nothing will appear on the screen. There is nothing wrong with the cpu otherwise. Can somebody tell me if a goldfinger device will be able to set the CPU at the proper voltage and multiplier setting, even with a few resistors in the voltage and multiplier section missing? I don't want to buy another Athlon.(I know, I'm an idiot. I blame it on my stupid brain) HEEEEELLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPP!!!!!!!
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  1. my knowlege have is limit on this but i dont think so.Still ask for somelse
  2. bye bye processor!
  3. Based on what you said, you simply f**ked up
    your CPU.
    In other words, save some money and buy a new one.
  4. Consider the 50 you have to plunk down on the new slot A 750, dumbass tax.

    "Friends don't let friends buy Pentiums"
  5. Save your money and switch to socket a. The ECS K7S5A with a duron won't cost you much more than another slot a cpu.
  6. Yep, ECS SIS 735 board for $60 and a Duron for $30 would be faster and you will still be able to use your SDram until you can afford the DDR ram, has slots for both. Unless you want to buy my GFD laying around my home.
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