safe temp of Processor?

Hi , I have AMD Athlon 1.2GHZ processor , with DFI AK76 SN mother board. The bios reports me the temperature around 50 Degree celcius. this after half an hour ofter starting the machine , is this ok or something is abnormal. What is safe temp the bios reported temp can go up to?
I use fan on processor and fan on the SMPS . There are no other additional fan used. The room temp is around 30 Degree celcius.non air con.

Thanks in Advance.
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  1. Thats an ok temp, but you can achieve better by adding a 8cm fan blowing into the front of the case and another 8cm fan extracting at the top rear of your case depending on its layout.

    Another somewhat easy improvement depending on your skills is to remove the thermal pad under the HSF if there is one and use some Artic silverII thermal paste on the CPU core but try the case fans first.

    You should get a conservative improvement of 5~10 degC or even better for a small cost.

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  2. That temp is normal for an AMD chip. They are way hotter (as in temp.) then intel chips. A p4 usally idle at 40 degree celius.
  3. I had a friend with a 1.2 asking the same question. Does AMD post safe operating temperatures somewhere? Or, does someone know where I can find a listing?

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  4. No, with a good fan setup you can get 35C on a tbird, easy. I've got a tbird 1.4, it idles at 35C all the time, with AC on, it idles around 30s. I've got a thermal take volcano five cooling it, and its running with no air conditioning and the outside temp is 82F.


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  5. Hi,
    I've got the same CPU. Mine always runs close to 35 C.
    The trick: At the urging of my computer tech, for years now, I leave the cover off the box and have an external fan blowing over the motherboard! It fan was bought at Bed/Bat and Beyond for $12. It does a gabulous job. My MB, too, runs VERY cool----29 C.
    And, the computer stays extremely clean. When closed it used to accumulate tons of dust and dirt.

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  6. My PIII 750@840 runs at about 30°C even after hours of use. Ive got a heat sink with dual fans.... i dont think my bios readings are wrong, the processor is just warm to touch.
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