Suprise Attack from AMD

My prediction:

AMD are going to unleash the Athlon 4 around Sep 17th. Intially speed grades will be launched at 1.5 and 1.6 with a 1.7 in Nov. The reason why they are delaying the launch is to sort out the model numbers.

Yeh or Neh ??

P.S I think Intel is going to win with the P4.

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  1. I've heard that the Athlon 4 is due for a simultaneous release with the nForce.

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  2. but didnt the nforce get delayed a week. i thought it was originally gonna come out in mid sept(w/ palomino) but then was delayed to the begining of oct.

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  3. PAL got more and more delay they wait for what.If the release of palamino is too close to northwood release no chance for AMD.AMD need something 25% faster that actual t-bird in clock for clock or they will lose.

    Nforce have a lot of prob and is not the end.That my own advise keep SIS 735 still the best.
  4. Interesting, no one has ANY northwood benchmarks, how do you know how fast the athlon 4 will need to be to beat it juin, all intel says is it will have a fixxed fpu, and 512k cache, where is the evidence. There is none, do not count your chickens before they hatch.

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  5. Can you say Hyper-Threading Technology? Thats where the northwood is gonna really shine.


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  6. 1 Hyper threading technology, is just an intel paperware buzzword, we dont know what it will do for everyday cpu power.
    2 this magically technology will not be in the first gen northwoods.
    3. From what I understand of htt it is merely smp on a single chip, can you say hammer?

    Face it, forevery buzzword intel attaches to its processors you wind up paying 100 bucks more, if it wasnt for amd that 2ghz p4 would set you back a cool grand easy. Every advance intel has on the table AMD has one as well, SOI, isotropically pure silicon, etc. The future is wide open, however today is what matters. Intel may release the uber mega chip 2000, but so may AMD. Vaporware is not evidence for one companies supremecy over another.

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  7. i'm not excited yet. Think back to "net burst technology" on the P4, and how sse on the P3 would make your internet experience *so* much faster.
    BTW welcome back, Spud, haven't seen a post from you for while. Maybe I just hang out in the wrong forum, though. :)


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  8. LMAO... hyperthreading is only going to be enabled in the new Xeon processors in the next year. Hyperthreading won't be available in the P4 until the end of 2002 or later, unless Intel really busts a move and decides its important enough to struggle for an early release.

    I'm afraid northwood will just have to rely on a better FPU and a larger cache, which should hopefully be enough to make it a processor worth buying.

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  9. Hyper-Threadign Technology sounds like a cheap rip-off of AMD's Hyper-Transport Technology......hmmm....

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  10. No it doesn't.

    Hyper-Threading Technology aka Jackson technology greatly improves SMP also improves a single cpu proformace. Hyper-Transport is a bus transfer aka North to south bridge.

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  11. I'm well versed in the technical aspects of the 2 thank you rcf84 =)

    I was more referring to the name =) Thats why i said 'SOUNDS LIKE' =)

    And none-the-less I'm sure theres a way to modify Hyper-Transport to carry out similar operations as Hyper-Threading could....if it gets incorporated to that piece of hardware anyways =)

    You know what I mean :)

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  12. no it HT and HT cant do the same.

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  13. I heard that intel was gonna show a double pumped 4Ghz P4, so it was in fact 8Ghz, and with hyperthreading, P4 may actually be worth buying, for those who have tons of $ to spend but only care about performance.

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  14. Juin dont cause trouble or i'll give you a spanking.

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  15. LOL

    Nice Nvidia and ATi users get a Cookie.... :smile: Yummy :smile:
  16. rofl.. learn proper him englush yu wil pleez

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  17. what ? yea sure, if u wanna shell up a friggin billion for a XEON !
  18. are u sure ? they both spell HYPER, so it must be the same thing !!!!
  19. Here is what I found out about AMDs Roadmap

    "We expect to begin sampling the first member of our "Hammer" family at the end of 2001 with introductory clock speeds of 2 gigahertz and higher. The Hammer family processors, with more than 100 million transistors, will continue to follow Moore's Law. The Hammer family is the AMD approach to 64-bit computing....

    ...An early member of the Hammer family, code-named "Clawhammer," will be targeted for the PC market. We plan to be first to deliver 64-bit computing to the desktop! We plan to sample the Clawhammer processor by year-end 2001. Clawhammer will provide not only the highest performance for single-processor mainstream applications, but will also deliver a high-performance, dual-processor solution for entry-level and appliance servers."


    Make of it what you want...all I say dont count AMD out yet...Lets wait and see...before we next upgrade
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