Can I put a P3-1000mhz into Asus P2B with Slotket?

Sorry, I know it's similar to my previous post, but I'm nearly there!

Can I put a Pentium 3-1000mhz FCPGA 133 mhz into an Asus P2B mobo using a Slotket? I know I can use a 933 P3, but want to confirm a 1000mhz will also work. If so, what settings do I need?

Thanks again......!
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  1. Look, you can get a new motherboard and a 1.1ghz thunderbird for LESS than the p3 1ghz, just dont worry about the slotket crap and upgrade that thing@!

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  2. If you can get a 133 bus, which the 933 uses, then you can run the standard 1000EB. Set the bus speed to 133, use PC133 ram, and a video card that can take the overclocked AGP bus of 89MHz, such as a GeFoece 2 (any version including the MX) or Radeon (any version including the LE). You do not need to worry about multiplier settings, these are locked into the processor.
    If you couldn't run a 133FSB, the 1000E (the more expensive 100MHz version) would still work, again using the internally locked multiplier. Of the two the 1000EB is preferable do to it's lower price, higher availability, and greater bus speed.
    Oh, and use a Slotket, most work well. I recommend the Evercool ND-8 because it has a lower profile than other coolers with it's effectiveness.

    Back to you Tom...
  3. nope .. the Asus P2B is not, i repeat, NOT CuMine friendly
    get a 600mhz katmai.
    (i can surdenly understand if u're persuing the easy upgrade path first, rather than fiddling with new board, cpu etc etc etc)

    argue with me, and I will drag you down to my level, and beat you with experience.
  4. Quote:
    <font color=green><i>" can get a new motherboard and a 1.1ghz thunderbird for LESS than the p3 1ghz, just dont worry about the slotket crap and upgrade that thing@!"</i></font color=green>

    Asus P2B: no 4xAGP, no UATA/100, not very critical, but also memory and other limitations.

    When compare the prices, such processor upgrade from Asus P2B looks like a "Don’t do" thing described in “How to upgrade..” books and articles or in introductions to System Analysis.

    Although this upgrade from Asus P2B probably has some sense from cost efficiency point of view, if
    1- your specific software demands pure Intel processor+chipset combination and you trying to save on parts;
    2- you are not going to upgrade, or utilize the advantage of up-to-date harddrives (a controller card is a possible solution though);
    3- you don’t care much about video performance and are not going to upgrade in order to get some gain from 4xAGP:
    4- you are not going to use an OS with good utilization of RAM, and the 1 GB RAM limit does not affect your existing or future system requirements;
    5- you don’t mind to live with 100 MHz FSB clock and slower RAM, or either to overclock the whole system (you don’t have network or other clock-sensitive cards);
    6- generally you don’t care much about your overall system performance and bare processor clock increase would be good enough to satisfy the upgrade;
    7- you use the Asus P2B as a test bed to learn the upgradability, and cost efficiency isn't an issue in this case.
  5. Quote:
    “nope .. the Asus P2B is not, i repeat, NOT CuMine friendly get a 600mhz katmai.”

    There’re several BIOS upgrades, one of the earliest:
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
    P2B BIOS Ver. 1011. 10/28/99
    1. Support IDE hard disk larger than 32G bytes.
    2. Revise microcode update support for Cu-Mine processors.
    3. Fix Microsoft Pre-OS test failure
    4. Add microcode update support for Coppermine cA-2 stepping. (681)
  6. I'm not bothered about 3D performance, as I don't play games on my PC. My Video card is A Hercules Dynamite TNT 16Mb. It's 2x AGP, but will it work if I crank up the bus speed to 133mhz, or will that be a problem.

    I see what you're all saying about getting a new mobo, cpu, graphics card, but I don't really what to do that. I don't need faster graphics, so want to keep the TNT (hence the need to make sure I will work with a cranked up fsb). I'm considering getting an ATA card anyway at a later date, if I buy a third hard drive, but an not bothered too much about the performance of my current drives (ATA33 & ATA100, restricted to 33, but only used for storage).

    I will be putting in about 512Mb SDRam, which is more than enough for what I need, but should cut out use of my swap file (therefore reducing the need for a faster hard drive).

    I only really use my PC for surfing, web creation and ripping & coding mp3's. I just want to speep up the general speed of processing and when I flick between programs.

    I know that getting a new mobo and AMD CPU is probably best in the long term, but that means I'd also need a new PSU, a new Graphics card, plus the memory, which would soon add up. I also want to get a large monitor, so don't want to cut into my budget for that.

    Regarding a Katmai, I've seen loads of articles that say the Coppermine works with the P2B, and I've got the latest BIOS, so that shouldn't be a problem. There was an article in Personal Computer WOrld mag a couple of months ago, in which they actually upgraded a P2-350 with a P2B mobo to a 933 P3 using a Slotket, on which they cranked up the FSB to 133mhz, and they've mentioned this mobo as being good for upgrading (in the respect that if you have one a P2B as apposed to others from the time they came out) it had good upgrading options.
  7. The upgrading motherboard, argh, ok

    a: your videocard will work, be it pci or agp there is no videocard that will run on an intel system but not an amd system unless its like built into the motherboard.
    and you most likely would not require a new psu(250 should cut it, 300w is like the standard though and that is surely fine).

    that is why you should get a new mobo and a 1.1ghz tbird, because it will SAVE you money over the 1ghz p3 AND be MUCH better performing.

    "Friends don't let friends buy Pentiums"
  8. Stop it! You're making me think about it now!

    I 've just installed SisSoft's Sandra and had a look at the bench marks for my PC, and the Intel & AMD processers.....intersting....!

    So if I do get an AMD, what mobo would you recommend? I want as many PCI slots as possible. Obviously AGP 4x (presumably my 2X card will work until I decide to upgrade?), and ATA100.

    Can I still use normal SDRam 133mhz (presumably with the 266 chips).

    I have two hard drives, a CD rom & a CD burner, so will a 250 PSU be enough?

    What's the difference between Athlon & TBird, btw.....?
  9. Your best bet would be a an ASUS A7V-133 Got all the goodies you are looking for, and its cheap. Your memory will work fine in it and it runs at 266 MHz FSB. I have the same board and am very happy with it. Only thing I dislike about the board is the shotty performance of the onboard raid controller, but you seem like you just want a standard ATA/100 hook up for your HDD so it shall work great for you!

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  10. Cheapest possible rout using your motherboard: get the PIII 700E, it EASILY clocks to 933! THEN IF, and only IF, you have problems running your video card at the increased bus speed, consider replacing it. The Radeon LE is inexpesive and works at the increased AGP bus clock. Now about AGP 2x v. 4x, there is very little actual performance difference. In fact, do to the inherent efficiencies of the BX chipset, people are actually reporting BETTER performance with the BX at AGP 2x than the i815 at AGP 4x! And UDMA 100 is so worthless on current drives (which max out at about 45MB/s) that it makes very little difference. Of course you can always add an IDE card if you like to get that last little tiny bit of performance.

    Back to you Tom...
  11. What about the PSU? Will the one in my current PC (a P2-400, with 2x hard drives, cdrom, cdwr) work, as I've read that the AMD's need a more powerful PSU?
  12. Ok, a p3700e is 96 bucks on pricewatch, add to that the cost of a slotket and a new heatsink(overclocking p3s demand it)

    You can get a new mobo, kt7a wo raid is something like 70 bucks, it will be able to use the pc133dram and is top of the line for sdram mobos, it has 5 pci and 1 isa (for that hardware modem you just dont wanna get rid of) add to this a duron 800 for 35 bucks, and you come in about the same for the p3, sans the slotket, the duron wont require a fancy heatsink and will run on 250w easily. You will notice a performance increase over the p3 at stock, and if you want to bring overclocking into the mix, you can hit 1ghz EASILY, with the duron, if you feel like spending 30 bucks more. You would be well advised to get a 1ghz tbird for 67 bucks, this chip will also whomp the p3 at stock, AND will most deffinatly overclock to 1.33 with a decent hsf. Sorry crashman, upgrading to a p3 just is not a good idea at this time.

    PS: if stability is your absolute neccisity, be sure to install all the drivers for that kt7a it is a via southbridge mobo, however, you can get an ali magik motherboard for not much more, and use your dram in that, and rest assured knowing you have ddr support for the future.(albeit crappy ddr support((in terms of pure performance)).

    let me apologize for the slopppy typing and poor grammar, I just got up.

    also, this route would not involve running your video out of spec, which is a distinct possibility on crash's setup, as he pointed out.

    "Friends don't let friends buy Pentiums"
  13. A:kt7a, it also has a raid version for about 40 more which has 8 ide slots(with 4 of them on a raid card but they can be used without raid) great for small servers or large harddrive arrays.
    B: yes you can, but only if the motherboard supports dram, the kt7a does, and so does the ali magick chipset I reccomended in a previous thread.
    C:250 should be fine up to 1ghz, if it isnt a 300w replacement would be 20 bucks or so, but if it came to that I would reccoment a enermax 350w for 50 bucks, very good powersupply with room to grow.
    D: athlon is the classic slot a processor, it is on a .25 micron process and has external l2 cache, the tbird is the latest(untill the palomino comes out) and greatest atlon, on the .18 micron process and with 256k onboard l2 cache it has about a 15% performance advantage clock for clock than an origional athlon. All the modern mobos we are discussing use the tbird socket a.
    NOTE: durons are thunderbirds with 128k of l2 cache and with a 200mhz ddr fsb, in all other respects they are the same, the duron is the athlon equavalent of a celeron. Although the duron beats the hell out of the celeron and gives the p3 a run for its money.

    Visit for pricing information.

    "Friends don't let friends buy Pentiums"
  14. Then why the Fvck did you ask how to do it? Go get a VIA equiped motherboard and have fun!

    Back to you Tom...
  15. Was that directed at me? I didnt ask how to upgrade a p3 with a slotket, I merely informed the guy that he could have a bigger amd upgrade for less, When you said the 700eb was the cheapest option I replied showing it wasnt, nothing personal or anything.

    You are one of the more respected posters on this board. I respect your oppinion as well!

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  16. Sorry, I thought you were the original poster who asked how to upgrade the beast. I should have scolled up higher. 'Nuf said.

    Back to you Tom...
  17. BTW, the original poster did not sound like he was knowlegeble enough to easily accoplish a swap to a new motherboard with another chipset. The 700@933 would get him by without the need to reload his hard drive and figure out drivers, something that can take a newbee days to figure out, and weeks to perfect. A good learning experience if he has the time, but we don't necessarily know that he has that amount of time.

    Back to you Tom...
  18. No better way to learn about pc trouble shooting than with a via southbridge ;-)

    SEE even AMD fans have via humor!

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  19. Heh heh, oh, ok, not that funny, but it works!

    Back to you Tom...
  20. Yeah, I've not done this sort of thing before. I've installed cards, memory & hard drives, but not messed around with the mobo, psu etc.

    I'm in the UK as well, and the prices we have to pay are not as competitive as in the US. The cheapest psu I've found so far is £35, going up to £65 for a powerful and quiet one.

    I can't really afford to use my PC for experimenting, as if I knacker it, I can't do my wife's payroll for her business......!
  21. It is no harder then swapping drives, just take it slow and dont drop anything. There are many how to guides on the net, I think tom has one. It really isnt that difficult to swap a mobo/psu/cpu.

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  22. Make sure you ground yourself also.

    What is the difference between <font color=red>pink</font color=red> and <font color=purple>purple</font color=purple>? The <b>GRIP</b>!
  23. So if I do go ahead, what do I need:

    Athlon + Heatsink + Fan
    300w PSU + fan

    Anything else?
    Will my Hercules Dynamite TNT 2x AGP card wotk with an Abit KT7A mobo? How many eide drives does that mobo take? I know the raid version is 8, but not sure about the 'lite' one......
  24. I think their is another post in this forum that explains it all but I'll go ahead and try it again.

    Make sure to ground yourself on the case, make sure that you have all the proper cables, if possible try not to work over carpet, never touch any pins on the bottom of the processor, if your heatsink doesn't have any paste on the bottom of it you will need to get some thermal paste, and only use a little bit of paste not to much put a dab about the size of a grain of rice. Read all the instructions first. It'll go pretty quick. Set all of your jumpers before you put you mobo in the case(just easier in my opinion). Make sure everything has a good connection. If you have ultra100 cable make sure the blue end is on the motherboard. Thats about all I can think of right now. Someone else will add more to this and so will I when I think of it.

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  25. OK thanks. And all the stuff I've listed that all I need, or have I missed something....?
  26. kt7 raid, not kg7, the kt7 is the sdram version, the kg7 is the ddr version, there is no kt7 lite

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  27. I hate to call my esteemed collegues liars, but the least you will need to do is reload your hard drive in order to switch to and AMD motherboard sucessfully. I don't know if you really feel like backing everything up, locating all your software, etc. And it would still be cheaper for you just to get a 700E FC-PGA, a slotket, a heatsink, and do it that way, because a good motherboard cost almost as much as the 700E, as would the duron and power supply, so your looking at double already, and you still need a new cooler. You will need PC133 memory for the 700@933, but you'd want or need to upgrade the Ram for a Duraon as well. So in your situation a PIII 700@933 is cheaper than "upgrading" to even a Duron 600.
    Your cheapest reasonable solution for "upgrading" (cough) to a Duron would be (in U.S. prices) $65 for the motherboard and $27 for a Duron 600. Your already matched to the price of a PIII 700. And you still need to add a power supply for the AMD, which would be much more expensive than adding a slotket to the PIII. Both situations leave you needing a new cooler and ram, no price difference there. And I doubt that even the Duron 600 overclocked to 800 would come near the performance of the PIII 700@933. Plus you have to consider down time-how long can you afford to take to make the switch? I think these guys "bang for the buck" mentality and "root for the underdog" has clouded their judgement to the point that they can't see the "total cost involved" with their suggestions.

    Back to you Tom...
  28. I've already ordered a P3 933, slotket and 512mb of 133 SDRam, but the order is still being processed (I've checked online), and I've since been wavering about whether to change the order or not.

    UK prices are pretty high - my P3 933 + Slotket + 512mb would normally cost £235 inc vat, but I've put it through my wifes company and payroll, so it's worked out to cost me about £120.......which is nice.......!

    The online order tracking says it'll go out around Tuesday, so I've got a couple of days to change my mind.

    As you say, backing up everything, then re-installing and re-configuring the PC to how I like it (took me 4 evenings last time!) is a real pain in the backside, though it could probably do with a clear-out....... I could always install Win 2000 as well.....

    Thanks for all your help guys, though if you think I need further persuasion to go with AMD...... :)
  29. If you can get intel cheap then go with it. I don't think it really matters which one you use. I doubt you'll ever notice that much of a difference anyways.

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  30. dude wake up! nobody wants to hear your AMD/Via/Fujitsu sales pitch, go away coporate troll.

    "<b>AMD/VIA!</b> are <i>still</i> the weakest link, good bye!"
  31. Durons use less power crash, you would not need a new psu.

    Unlike your precious intels you can overclock the duron with clock multiplier, so no pc133 dram is required.

    he would need a new cooler for the new p3 as well, so that advantage is NIXXED.

    The reloading the harddrive is a good point, I would however like to counter it with the fact the duron mobo will have a much brighter upgrade path then the new p3. I would call it even.(50 bucks in a few months and that puppy has a 1.33ghz tbird in it)
    The duron should hit 900-1000 easily, especially it it were a duron 800.

    As you can see we did determine total cost rather well, on the surface it looks pretty even HOWEVER. for a small amount more, you can have a 1ghz tbird INSTEAD of the duron, far outperforming anything you can suggest, especially if you then overclocked that.

    Buying a p3 at this time is a poor decision.

    ALSO, you fail to consider the amount of money which can be retrived by selling the old system, surely someone would pay 50 bucks for a mobo and a working p3, that could be used to offset the cost of some good pc133 ram etc.

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  32. If you can get the p3 for cheaper than the other solution(ie discountes etc) then by all means go for it. It would admittadly be easier to install etc. However, if you take the money you spend(before discounts I am assuming you can get the same discounts for amd stuff as well) and put that towards a system, I am nearly 100% sure you could get MUCH more bang for your buck, than a simple p3 chip switch.

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  33. I have no problem with him posting as long as he modifies his personal information to state he is an AMD employee.


    = The views stated herein are my personal views, and not necessarily the views of my employer. =
  34. I am half AMD and half Fujitsu, I do not as yet work directly with AMD, (they are still taking over our fab). I will update my info however.

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  35. Fab my ass, your slogan is "you want fries with that"

    Last year it was "cleanup on isle 5"

    YES you can put a 1Ghz into a P2B


    Dont buy an AMD system, they suck bad and plagued with problems. Dont believe me?? take a minute and read some of the threads on this forum, look for posts from people with problems. yep posts on every page reguarding thermal problems and believe me they all are in harms way in the event of a cooling failure. Some claim that the motherboard will prevent such a problem but due to the numbers of dead processors still being returned that claim has been snuffed with a nuclear bomb.
  36. Ignores FUGGERS retarded personal insults.

    As for the many posts on this forum regarding amd systems, most members of this forum arent stupid enough to waste money on the current p4. add to that the fact that most p4's are sold in oem systems which have TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE lines to call, and that most home built systems are AMD, and you get a web message board with alot of athlon help questions.

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