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I have an athlon 1.4Ghz, Asus A7M266 M/B, 256MB Hyundai DDR-Ram, my computer works gr8 for about two weeks after that i get all sorts of errors and they are always different. The first error i got made all the files on my hardrive turn into 3 whereby running a scandisk of a DOS bootdisk reported 8GB of lost clusters (all that was on my HDD).

The second time whenever my computer loaded into windows as soon as it tried to open a program that runs at start-up (Asus Probe, Mixer etc) it bought up a kernell32 error. (This happened twice).

The third time, i was playing Counter-Strike when it locked up, i restarted my computer and it said i had an error on line 1 of my config.sys, so i put in the bootdisk again editied the config.sys, when it loaded into windows almost every single file on my computer was corrupted.

Like i said it work's fine for two weeks, but after a couple of weeks it just stuffs up.

Sorry for writing so much but i thought i should go into detail.


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  1. Do you have an ibm 75gxp deskstar harddrive, even if you dont that sounds like a harddisk issue.

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  2. Ja, that sounds a whole lot like a hard drive issue. If you do have an IBM hard drive, check it out with Drive Fitness Test (available from somewhere on <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>). If it's a 75GXP, send it back and see if you can get it replaced with an equivalent 60GXP. The 75GXP is more or less considered a flawed product line.


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  3. IMHO

    I'd start with AV scan, followed by HDD test followed by suspicious glances at the mobo.

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  4. I have done an Anti-virus and there is not any viruses on my HDD, I have the latest virus definitions using PC-Cillin 2000. I have 2 HDD, one of them is a Seagate Barracuda 30GB, and the other is a 8GB and i think it is Seagate also. Most of the problems seem to be happening on the 8GB so i have unplugged it, however there has also been file corruptions on my 30GB HDD.

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  5. Just thought i should tell you, when i tried to copy the files i needed from my 8GB drive to my 30GB drive it said that it could not move the Championship Manager update file because the disk was either full or write protected, would this be a symptton of the HDD stuffing up or is it just me hoping that my 8GB drive is stuffed and not my 30GB.

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  6. Try the HD in another machine, if its ok then look at the M/B.

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  7. I've put it in another computer i'll get back to u in a couple of weeks as to wether or not it is the HDD

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