HP to buy Compaq for $25 billion

<A HREF="http://news.cnet.com/news/0-1003-200-7046410.html?tag=mn_hd" target="_new"><font color=red>Hewlett-Packard will acquire Compaq Computer in a stock swap worth about $25 billion, the companies announced late Monday.</A></font color=red>

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  1. Well isn't HP a key player in IA64. Buying compaq with Alpha. Kill alpha to promote IA64. Hmmm... the plot seem to favor intel and high end servers for some reason.

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  2. when are they going to make the transaction, when will compaq be hp?

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  3. I dont readthe acticle

    But i think it a merger and not """buy"""
  4. According to the official press release "The transaction...will be accounted for as a purchase." So technically, HP is buying Compaq.

    Unfortunately the press release was emailed to me - I don't have a URL
  5. So Socket A's future is screwed. HP helped make IA64 with Intel. Since they bought compaq. They want IA64 cuz they dumped billions making it with Intel. Selling Alpha's doesnt make sense for HP. The Alpha platform was died in 1998 when compaq bought Digital.

    Also didnt compaq sell Alpha to intel.

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  6. Well that happens alot lay off's and ceo make $$$. Soon Dell should buy Gateway. Or IBM buys both Dell and Gateway. Doesnt matter like we should care. I'm a custom builder. As long IBM MRAM makes it i'm happy.

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  7. Both HP and Compaq had announced that they will phase out their existing RISC platforms in favour of IA64 over the next five years or so, so there is no real change in the 64-bit enterprise landscape, except what was going to be two different Itanium vendors will now be one.

    My bet is that both the PA-RISC and Alpha platforms will continue along the same slow demise that has been planned for them anyway. Maybe for a few years we will have HP AlphaServers - has any chip architecture changed hands as much as the Alpha?!
  8. Alpha is dead. HP spent billions of dollars to replace PA-RISC with IA64. Why waste your money, Compaq was ready to kill it, now HP will. The thing is HP can make IA64 chips for there servers if they want. Well IBM PowerPC and Sun Sparc is left on the Big RISC list. IA64 is cant be stopped.

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  9. hmmmm... Intel the owner of the Platform AMD is using Socket A = Socket Alpha. hmmm could i say *bump* in a year or 2.

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  10. Sun is proabably even more out in the cold now. IBM are sitting on the fence, offering Itanium at the high end of their Intel line while continuing to develop the Power4. If Itanium does prove the all-conquering force many predict, IBM have an easy fall back position with Itanium. Sun however don't. And now they will face an HP-Compaq Goliath almost as big as IBM, and with the marketing might of Intel behind it, intent on defeating RISC.
  11. OMG Chipzilla is coming out of the Atlantic ocean it has Distoried up NYC withs is Itatium power brain going to Upstate New York to the IBM headquaters

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  12. and the state of new jersey too. It was close but i saw "Powered by DDR" on it.

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  13. Hmmm.. I wonder what this means for all of the ASE's

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