Weird Mouse Problems with Windows 7 on multiple machines

Basically I have a big mouse problem. Occasionally while in Windows 7, my mouse will get screwy. It won't allow me to click anything but still will move around. Or I won't be able to click anything but the bottom taskbar. Or in google chrome, instead of selecting a tab, it'll close it without being anywhere near the red "x."

And just now in WoW, after being tabbed out if I tabbed back in and clicked anything, it would minimize the window. Multiple problems like these.

Here's the kicker: This has happened with two different mice, one old and one new, on two SEPARATE MACHINES both in Windows 7. First old mouse is a Logitech G5, has never had a problem outside of Windows 7. The second mouse is the Razer Naga brand new with Synapse 2.0 installed. I'll be on my Macbook Pro bootcamp partition of Windows 7 or on my desktop, doesn't matter. This kind of thing happens at least 5 times a day.

Checked the device manager, everything's good. All up to date drivers, also re-installed. Checked the hardware, and it works just fine with extended periods of time on another system in a different OS. This kind of thing happens here and there and then will disappear.

I've searched the forums and found others with similar problems, but nothing as specific as this one. After troubleshooting various possibilities, the problem leads right back to the OS. Anybody have any pointers? Thanks.
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  1. Bump...just happened again 2 minutes ago as I logged on. Really need some help.
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