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Hi all,

I am starting A+ class next week and I was presented with the option of asembling my own computer to keep for an extra $400.00. The specs are as follows:

Intel PIII 800 MHz Processor

128 MB PC133 SDRAM


20 GB HD

8MB AGP Video Card

32-bit 3D sound card

56.6 Modem

10/100 Network card

180 Watt Speakers

Keyboard, floppy and mouse.

For a five day course, 8 hours per day in exchange for $795.00 I get to sit in a class with others. It's a brand new site with new equipment, (I took a tour of the site). Included with the price is a technician toolcase, and free re-takes if I should happen to go mental and re-live the sixties. Also free use of the facilities and a personal harddrive. $90.00 vouchers for the Comptia tests. And for the additional cost of $400.00, the computer build. They also have this 20 hour internship after the course, where one goes to the main site to construct and diagnose client computers, but I think it's just this side of free labor, but hell, the experience should be good and they present a certificate stating that you were part of their team. So ...all this for $1195.00, train fare not included.

I did look around to shop and compare and this place seems like the most for the buck. My local two year college sites offer A+, but at $1200.00 and no books, thats extra. I could have studied from the Mike Meyers A+ bible, but I need the dicipline and the hands on experience.

Here's their website:

Does this place seem ok to you all?

So, I feel that although my present machine, (233 Mhz 48 MB), runs well, it can no longer run some modern to date software, especially games that I seem to waste many hours on. Others have felt that the price of the computer is comparable to groundfloor retail. What do you feel about their computer self-build/keep option? And....will the setup allow me a few years of stretching space for new peripherals and the new WinXP?

Thank you all for your thoughts.

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  1. sounds good. Well go for when the class is over, upgrade it to 256mb and video to ATi Radeon 32mb DDR and you have a pretty good system.

    Nice Nvidia and ATi users get a Cookie.... :smile: Yummy :smile:
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