chipping athlon cores

I have heard of alot of people chipping amd 1000+ athlon processors....and recently it happened to me and I was hardly rough with the heatsink....of course you have to be a little to get the thing off and now im stuck with a 1.2ghz athlon with a chipped core....(will an athlon with a chipped core even run?) sure it might fire up but would have at least some unstabiblity...just wandering...but I purchased a shim to place on my next one..

has anyone else had this happen to them so i dont feel like the worlds only moron..=]...oh yea and I used a vantec heatsink and fan...
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  1. I have chipped my Athlon core and haven't had any serious problems with it...


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  2. Besides the normal problems with AMD, you mean?
    Since they're cheaper, faster, just as reliable (unless you're an idiot), and-
    Hey, wait a second...

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  3. mine has a chip on all 4 corners(more like chunks) and it runs fine. its a 1200@1400. shouldnt be a problem unless you crack the entire core.

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