Enabling both Line in and Microphone on windows 7

Hey guys hows it going?

On windows XP i used to be able to listen to line in audio as well as have my microphone enabled in chat programs(or what have you). I lost that functionality when i moved to Vista then Windows 7. It seems impossible, its either one or the other, i tried searching but no go. So friends, any REAL way of having them both on? If it helps i have two sound cards i can use.

Also: I did it before so that i use the mic on one card and the line in on another, but every few hours, if im idle, i had to restart because on the windows speakers configuration, it would say "microphone unvailable"
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  1. Resolved through uninstalling all other audio cards, including the one in my video card.

    Thats weird im sure i tried it before,,anyone,,sorry =)
  2. No wait, i didnt resolve it. Damn it, i hate you windows 7. Any ideas?
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