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I am having problems with the power supply on my computer. It started a couple weeks ago. I would go start it and it would began to start up and then it would just stop. If I would try to start it again it would not even power up. I would have to go to the back of the cpu and switch of the switch behind to power supply wait a little bit, then switch it back on. Then try to push the button in the front and pray that it will start.
Know I am having to do this process 3-5 times before the cpu will power up and start.
What the hell is going on. ANy one plz let me know.
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  1. What brand/wattage is your PSU?

    And can we have the specs on the rest of your components?

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  3. The power supply is overloaded or it is on the verge of complete failure.
    Although it may be OK. Is the cooling fan running at the back of the psu. If the fan has failed your psu will overheat. Thus requiring a manual reset.
    If it is a fan failure the fan will need to be replaced.
    If the fan is OK you should replace the psu with a more powerful unit.

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  4. I would go to AMD's website and write down some model numbers of recommended power supplies and check pricewatch. Don't buy a generic brand that's not on the list.
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