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I am having problems with the power supply on my computer. It started a couple weeks ago. I would go start it and it would began to start up and then it would just stop. If I would try to start it again it would not even power up. I would have to go to the back of the cpu and switch of the switch behind to power supply wait a little bit, then switch it back on. Then try to push the button in the front and pray that it will start.
Know I am having to do this process 3-5 times before the cpu will power up and start.
What the hell is going on. ANy one plz let me know.
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  1. What brand/wattage is your PSU?

    And can we have the specs on the rest of your components?

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  2. Go splurg on an enermax.

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  3. I would go to AMD's website and write down some model numbers of recommended power supplies and check pricewatch. Don't buy a generic brand that's not on the list.
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