Windows 7 not booting up

windows 7 is not booting up to get to the desktop. It gets to the stage where it displays a blue screen with windows 7 Professional at the bottom and begins to flicker after every few seconds. any help will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. More info required! Laptop, PC?? Model, specs....
  2. I have found that this is a problem that usually results with Windows and an integrated 3rd party software such as a firewall or antivirus.

    Attempt to boot into Safe Mode (holding F8 during boot).
    If you are able to sucessfully boot into safe mode, uninstall any antivirus or 3rd party firewall (or any other software you recently installed).
    Reboot into normal mode.
    Reinstall any antivirus or firewall if you successfully boot into normal mode.

    From my own understanding; some windows updates will make your system hang on boot if you update with an antivirus or firewall already installed.
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