Can HP 530 boot from USB flash drive?


I am in a need to install windows 7 from usb flash drive.. everything is OK, i have made bootable usb flash drive.... but the laptop bios do not have the option to choose to boot from usb flash drive.. however it has the options to boot from
USB super disk (have no idea what thats it)
USB floppy disk
USB hard disk
USB optical drive

.. but no USB flash drive :(..

I tried to boot it like USB hard disk. but won't work.. says something like that the hardisk is invalid.. please help

Any alternatives on what i can do instead of flashing the bios cause i don't have USB floppy to flash it from external floppy nor a floppy disk and its 00:30 at the momment bah..

I really need to install win7, so your ingenious help will be much appreciated!

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  1. Do you have access to another computer so that you could burn W7 to a disk in ISO format?
  2. Only this.. i tried to burn 3 dvd's with 3 different programs (and 2 different w7 image files).. but when trying to install i always get the error No drivers found for the dvd drive.. (not sure if it was like that exactly but..), i guess the dvd rom is screwed and won't burn the cd's accordingly.. and sadly i don't have access to another dvd burner.
  3. Did you use the windows 7 usb creator?
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