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Hello, I recently did a dual boot with windows and ubuntu 12.1 on my hp dv6t quad core laptop. When i try to restore the computer using an iso burned cd with windows 7 on it. I get an error message saying there is no driver installed.. what do i do to get windows to recognize my driver... I have tried using 2 different disks of windows and i still cannot figure out how to get windows to find my hard drive. Any help? thank you in adnvance
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  1. Download the sata drivers from HP and install it (pf6).
  2. What do you mean sata drivers??? I looked in the hp website for drivers and there is no sata driver.. and storage driver i could have installed from hp i have tried.. it didnt work it says i need signed drivers?? maybe that is an error?
  3. It's the Intel Matrix Storage Driver. Download and unpack it. There should be a f6readme.txt or something like that in it.
  4. Okay i downloaded the driver ... Created all tue necessary files and loaded up my installation for windows 7 ultimate. What screen do i press f6 at because i pressed it at mulltiple screens and.nothing happened
  5. Why it cannot find the HD is due to the interface type selected for the HD device.
    Depending on what it is set to it may require you to load the driver as part of the windows setup in order to see the drive or to run the controller chip of the laptop to allow it to see the drive on the interface.
    However you can also change the drive interface in the bios so the HD can be seen.
    Changing the option from Sata, to Ahci mode should allow the drive to be seen without the need for the extra driver and let you install the os to the HD of the laptop.
  6. okay that sounds promiseing because i have heard that as a solution on other threads.. but how do i doit on an hp laptop?? i see no drive interface option in the BIOS. do you know if there is a way to do it with ubuntu because that is the only OS i can load right now.
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