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I have run Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Report on my PC and am informed that my available free space of 168MB is insufficient to install 32-bit Win 7 as a minimum of 16GB of free space would be required. However, as a 'Custom' install will wipe the disk clean before installing, does this not negate the need for a min of 16GB of space?
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  1. If you wipe the drive fully when you install Windows 7, it won't matter how much free space you have now. It won't make any difference with how much drive space Windows 7 would need though if your hard-drive is too small. Make sure your comptuer has Windows 7 drivers first before you wipe the system.
  2. Yes, a clean install will negate this issue when you reformat the HDD. Make sure you copy all of the files you want to save to an alternate location before you start the Win 7 installation.
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    Hello... the best option is to delete the OLD Windows partition, create a new one, format it, and do a Clean install, with the new windows7 install... make sure you have all your "important files" off of it... or do a clean install on another hardrive... Yes, a custom install could reduce the space needed for Windows 7, as you can choose not to install some programs.

    Why not install the 64 bit version?... you can run older 32 bit programs with in it.
  4. Many thanks for your helpful information. You have given me the confidence to go ahead with this as my PC came originally with 80GB of HDD and so should be ok.
  5. Thank you. I appreciate you confirmation and shall now go forth without trepidation.
  6. I had not considered the 64-bit as an option. This would seem a sensible thing to do. Thank you.
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