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I have problem with my laptop (Asus F3Jc - Core Duo T2250, 2GB RAM, nVidia Go 7300). He works with Windows 7 32bit. I have problem with the touchpad/USB mouse. I turn on the laptop, boot the system and the screen does not respond to mouse cursor clicks. The mouse cursor works fine, mooving works ok, but rectangle in the center of the screen is not responding to clicks. The size of this rectangle before each startup changes.

Sometimes it is brought into operation by running a program, random. Over time, this problem is solved and the mouse will work everywhere. Sometimes it is brought into operation by running a program. After the next start was the same program but do not.

I tried to install a few Synaptics drivers, newest and oldest. Without touchpad driver is the same problem. After plugin the usb mouse problem persists. Is exactly the same.

Please help me solve it, work on a PC with this problem is practically impossible.

Sorry for my English.
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  1. Check your Device Manager for a badly installed device.
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