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How to bypass desktop password on windows 7

i cannot enter my desktop having forgotten the password pls help i use windows 7
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    Unfortunately there is no way to ensure that the system is yours so Tom's Forum does not allow providing help in bypassing passwords !

    The only help that can be provided would be to suggest :

    1.) use the hint that you set up when entering the password to help you remember what it was

    2.) Use the password reset disk you created when setting up the password to reset your password

    3.) Logg in to the system using the administrator account and password you set for the admin account and once logged in use that account to reset your user account password.

    4.) If none of those work - use your install disk to reformat and reinstall windows and your programs ( NOTE : doing so will lose all personal information and require starting over with a new installation but will get your system back up.)
  2. hard to forget something you never knew
  3. Quote:
    doing so will lose all personal information

    That's simply not true. You can always boot some live linux cd or usb and back up your personal stuff.
  4. Also, you should never be using an admin account as your only account on windows.

    Create a user account/password, but retain the admin account password so you can fix these things yourself.
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