Memory Leak + Microsoft Security Essential Glitch

Hey everyone,

So recently I've been experiencing the occasional BSOD, but I can't recall the exact error message it gives me - how do I find the error code, do I use event viewer?

Second, I've been having a problem with Microsoft Security Essentials not initializing when I start my computer. This has been going on for at least 3 months and makes me very suspicious that I might have some mal-ware on my computer.

Finally, is it possible I am experiencing game crashes due to them being installed on a SSD connected externally with an eSATA cable?

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  1. So after running MemTest86+ for around 5 hours last night I think my RAM modules are starting to go. Pretty much every test (~99.99%) pass failed.

    I am also receiving 3 specific BSOD's repeatedly:

    Can anyone confirm that these are symptoms of faulty memory and rule out the possibility of Malware (trojan, worm, virus, etc.)?

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