Upgrading PIII500Slot1:Advice please.

How can I upgrade my PIII500 Slot 1.Its an E-Machines eMonster500a,on a Trigem Napoli 2 mobo.Am I stuck with either a PIII600Mhz(fastest Slot 1) or can I use a Slot1 to FC/PGA adapter of some sort to get a higher spec proccessor.Or is someone just going to say-"Get an AMD Athlon!!!.Any help welcomed.
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  1. go with the adapter if you want higher than 600MHz.
  2. Get an amd athlon, a new motherboard and athlon will run you less than just a new p3 chip and slotket.

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  3. Actually the 600 isn't the fastest slot one but it is the fastest katmia cored p3 wich is all your emachine will take. Its not copermine ready so a slotket would do you any good.

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  4. There is no way he can get an Athlon into an Emonster
    the cases are tine with off standard mobo mounting points
    the PSU is only like 135w and the size of my fist
    and finally the back of the case would have to be cut out for the connectors
    dont even think about changing the psu the opening is too small unless u mount it outside
  5. Of course he couldnt fit the athlon mobo into the emachine case, I meant he would be better off not getting a new p3 and getting a tbird system instead, the 40 dollar case wont hurt that much and he will have 2 whole systems, almost.

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