Connecting PC to TV using vga cable

I have an Asus Model k501 (2010) computer. I have recently bought a vga cable so that i can watch movies on the tv screen. It all works on my friends tv which she has an "elements". But i tired using in on my boyfriends tv and nothing. The computer shows that it is connected to something but when i change the settings on the tv it says no signal so i have no idea how to fix this.....
Anyone have any ideas on how i can make it work?
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  1. most laptops have a button that changes it into presentation/external display mode.
    I know on my laptop you have to hit Fn+F8 (F8 key has some blue letters on it), yours might be a bit different but the same principle - if you don't hit that button it will not send the signal to the external monitor.
  2. Hello alyshea;

    Set TV to Aux Input (or maybe PC input) with the remote.

    Check your laptop Display Properties - Screen Resolution. Does it 'see' the TV?
    If not use the Detect button. Adjust the resolution to match the TV resolution.
    You probably want to set the Multiple Displays setting to Mirror instead of Extend
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