I am installing a printer but it will not be detected

I have Windows 7, I tried to install a printer but it is not detected. I only have a USB Cable. Do I need to choose LPT1? or what?. Thank you!
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  1. LPT1 is for parallel port printers and majority of modern printers don't use that anymore.

    1. Printer powered on?
    2. Is the USB cable in working condition?
    3. How old is the printer? Is it new or used?
    4. Try going to the printer's manufacturers website and look for drivers for the printer model you have. Install them, then try reconnecting the printer.
  2. Hi

    What printer is it? There were a number of so called 'Winprinter' printers that did not survive the upgrade to Windows 7 (my HP LaserJet 1000 included).
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