Does a higher resolution use more battery?

Hey all,

I am thinking about getting the Dell E6420. It originally comes with a 1366 x 768 screen. It is upgradeable to 1600x900. Will getting the better resolution use a significantly more amount of battery life. Also, is it really that big of a difference in quality?

Also, I was looking at getting the i5-750 or the i5-760. The 760 is .1 ghz more than the 750. Is it worth paying an extra 10 dollars for? This is for a desktop I was looking at.

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  1. Yes it does use more battery life but not much.

    By the way the i5-760 is a better choice since it is only ten dollars more but guarantees you will get the additional speed on top of your over clocking. It has been rated the most affordable CPU for the 200 dollar range and I use it extensively on my PC setup. It is worth the extra ten dollars.
  2. IMO a higher resolution is a BIG aid to productivity.

    Set you current monitor to 1366x768 and 1600x900 resolutions and see how much more 'real estate' is available for your workspace.
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