Some programs wont run !!!!

Hello, please help
i recently setup win 7 copy on my laptop
some programs dnt run
n any app i setup work for few times then dnt work
also some app sources dnt work at all n setup process stops soon after start n dissappear
When I click the program, the timing circle comes up next to the cursor for a couple seconds, then disappears. I've tried looking at task manager when I click the program. For many programs (not all), the task process shows up in "Processes" tab for a second, then disappears. The program never shows up under tasks in the "Applications" tab of Task Manager.
please help
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  1. What software are you trying to run exactly? It's hard to help you if you don't tell us exactly what software it is. Also give the version of the software please. Did you make sure they were compatible with Windows 7? You might have to upgrade to a newer version.
  2. Where did you get your copy of Windows 7? Did you download it? Or, did you use a Microsoft retail or OEM DVD?
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