[are many active IP addresses normal on a pc

my netstat shows a couple dozen active IP addresses with a netstat check. Is this normal? Should they be culled for unwanted IP sites?
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  1. Are you running any torrent software?
  2. getochkn said:
    Are you running any torrent software?

    Not to my knowledge.
  3. Perfectly normal operation.
  4. ex_bubblehead said:
    Perfectly normal operation.

    Thanks, got buste - hacked - yesterday and having a heckofa time cheking items.
  5. In that case, you might want to check the "Foreign Address" IP addresses. Especially if you see "Established" in the 'State' column. But in a normal environment, connections are constantly being made and broken and it's not unusual to see hundreds of entries when doing a 'netstat -a'
  6. Wireshark should help you see whats going in or out of your network. A good firewall will also do this. (My personal preference is Comodo)
  7. Many thanks. Appreciate your help.
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