Lenovo IdeaPad Y560P or HP Pavilion DV6T ?

hello guys!

i'm looking for a good laptop (for graphics, video editing, some gaming..)
and i'm a bit confused, can't decide which one's better of these two:

Lenovo IdeaPad Y560P (GPU: ATI 6570)

HP Pavilion DV6T Quad Edition (GPU: ATI 6770)

as for the HP, i've heard a LOT of people talking about the heating of this laptop (especially Pavilions)
some say it always heats and shutdown :??:
but personally, i would go for the Lenovo. for three reasons:
better speakers (JBL), better design, Lighter, Less heating. (i never had an experience with lenovo, but that's what t i think)
and despite it has a bit lower gpu, but that's ok for me. (i'm ok with ATI 5650 and over)

so i want to ask u and the owners of this laptop: how's the Lenovo overall?
is it good quality? does it heat up so much when gaming? ..

thank u very much..
(sorry my english is not perfect :P)
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    If you're OK with the slower GPU,go with the Lenovo model then.It has better keyboard/build quality
  2. That's the answer i was looking for^^ thanks a lot Maziar :)
  3. No prob,glad I could help :)
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