SMELL!!! no smoke.....

My clip tab suddenly broke off when I was running my 800Mhz tbird with Arctic Silver2 and FOP38, so I quickly runed the power off, but I there was something fried..I though it's all over, time for the new CPU, but it worked fine after that, there was no smake and the die color was the same. Did I burn the CPU a bit? or did just overheat?
also did that accident lessed the overclockabilty of my CPU?
Could that be the Arctic Silver2 burned? When I turned the CPU back on the temp was only 37 degrees Cesius.

Thank, You.
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  1. Did your motherboard warn you that your CPU was overheating when the clip broke? how did you know the clip broke?

    Most people do not think that this can happen to them and that HSF never fail or break.

    Only takes a few seconds to damage your processor. anomolies and crashing can be side effects from a processor that was cooked if it still works.
  2. That burning smell is most likely just caked of residue from the thermal pad (or in your case Thermal Compound) that was applied to the CPU, surpringly you didnt fry your CPU, so be happy......

    In response to the life expectencesy now, no one can really tell you....damage overclockabilty ?? I seriously doubt that.........damage it partially.....well thats doubtfull considerign you said it still worx, any sort of anomilly or sign of damage to the processor would have come up right away....

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  3. It may not have burned- the new computers we got in the school some of them really smeel like they are burining, but they aren't. Plastics can smell when they get overheated, but are still ok. Check teh arctic silver, and if that's fine then u probably are ok.

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  4. Wow, another piece of evidence you are a moron FUGGER, where is the molten silica you keep promising?

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  5. your vid card is still okay? It must have got whacked real hard by the heatsink.

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