Acer 5742 i5-450m - worth it?

Hi Guys,

Looking to get a new laptop within budget of £450.

Can anyone recommend/advise against this:-

Acer 5742 Intel® Core™ i5-450M (2.4 GHz) 4gb RAM 500gb HDD.

No gaming, mainly used for internet, photos and occasional photo/video editing.

Many thanks,
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  1. To add, only enquiring as to this specific model as it was the only Intel i5 that I could find under £500 (PCW have the model on sale).

    So I suppose the other question is, is it worth going for the cheapest i5 I can find or a higher spec i3?
  2. Hello and welcome to the forums
    It looks a decent deal,go for it
  3. Thanks for the quick reply!!

    Think I'll go down and check it out. My only concern is it doesn't appear to have a dedicated graphics card and I wonder whether that lets it down...

    I did find a Lenovo B570 with a Sandy Bridge i5 - little bit more expensive and can't deliver for a few weeks.

    Would there be a noticable difference making it worth the wait?
  4. For non-gaming contents,you shouldn't worry about the graphics much.
    There is a significant difference between the Sandy bridge CPUs and last gen Core "i" CPUs so the Lenovo model is definitely worth the wait.
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