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help my system wont post. when i power on i get a beeping sound that alternates pitch. i have pretty much taken everything out of my system (all the pci cards) and i still get the same thing. i've also tried taking out swapping my two ram DIMMS and the problem remains. i've even tried swapping motherboards.

system specs.

asus a7v kt133a
512mb ram
geforce2 pro
2940uw scsi
linksys NIC
2 x 40GB 60gxp
yamaha burner
pioneer dvd
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  1. What kind of PSU are you using?

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  2. oops... meant to list it.

    enermax 431W
  3. check your mb docs.. find out what the beeps mean.
    Did it ever work ?
    Sounds like a dead cpu to me though.. try with another one and/or RMA it.

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  4. tried it with 2 different cpu's both of which used to work. so i assume at least one of them should.
  5. wait.. you swapped cpu's AND motherboards ???

    Also, try with and without video card.. if you get the same beeps, it might be your videocard...

    ---- Owner of the only Dell computer with an AMD chip
  6. i've tried with different motherboards and different cpu's (various combinations of the two). i've tried with only one DIMM then the other DIMM. with one video card then with the other, then none. always the same beeps. also the beep pattern is not listed in my motherboard manual.
  7. Look, its pretty easy.. to post, all you need is:
    *) PSU
    *) MB
    *) CPU (with cooler obviously)
    *) video card

    You dont need ram, or anything else. Disconnect everything else. If you've swapped mb's, cpu's AND video cards; you either dont know how to assemble a pc, OR you need a new PSU.. (or you have two dead mb's, cpu's or videocards, which is highly unlikely)

    Another option: maybe your MB has a HSF sensor that will not allow you to boot if it doesnt get a reading.. if you have a 2 wire fan, it might not boot. Just attach whatever other fan to the mb fan headers..

    ---- Owner of the only Dell computer with an AMD chip
  8. A "no video" error is usually a long beep, then three short ones, all the same pitch...but then again, Asus might have felt like they had to be "special." Might as well give it a shot.

    Also, this is a long shot...I've never seen such a problem...but make sure every motherboard standoff matches up with a hole in the motherboard. If your mobo's backside leads are grounding against a standoff, anything could happen.


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  9. I know exactly what that is. It's your motherboard telling you that your video card isn't up to snuff against the rest of your system. Oh, sorry :)

    Anyway, check your CPU fan. I don't think it'd be motherboard grounding, as I thought that it wouldn't do anything in that case? No beeps, in other words. I could be wrong.

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  10. Good thing you saved lots of money, cause this bitch is costing you now.

    This is why I warn people to avoid AMD.

    Well, keep guessing and wasting time/money. GL

    My guess is your video card, go into BIOS and check the setting for PCI/AGP boot device, default is PCI on most motherboards. are you trying to put both video cards in from the start? it should work, but AMD sucks ass like that.
  11. Right, like the guy with the Penium system you're helping out ATM? Good thing he spend the extra cash.

    I have nothing against Intel products, they've made some very good ones (and some very bad ones). I just don't like trolls.

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