Did my laptop just die (ASUS UL50VT)

Hello, this is Asus ul50vt notebook that I -"tried" to downgrade to Bios 215 (for the option to disable integrated graphics).

I used aflash2+freedos/usb.

All went well and the computer shut down in the process. But...It never woke up. There is no fan activity and the computer is totally silent and starts to heat up quicly. There is no way to shut it down other than unplug everything.

I forgot to reset the bios password before downgrading and maybe just maybe this is a security related issue (hoping it was)

Is there hope?
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  1. Hello shoutbox;

    Can you reflash the BIOS to the latest available for the ul50vt?
  2. Tnx for a comment, WR2!

    I wish I could. At power on there is nothing going on i.e there is no access to bios and therefore no access to boot and replace new bios (at the moment). Just silence and blanck screen (and heating up quickly)

    Open to suggestions ..Some laptops have tricks to reset cmos and others without a screwdriver... I just can't find a real handbook for these features :(
  3. BIOS doesn't depend on a battery charge to save it's programming.

    A tech with the right equipment can flash your BIOS chip by plugging it into a special rig.

    You can also buy replacement BIOS chips online - but a lot of those places seem a big dodgy so be careful.
  4. Yes, I'll take it to the big guys and let them try to bring it into life. Just seems to be a long way till tomorrow without the laptop :P


    PS. Some laptops are suppposed to have irreplaceble bios? I wonder how it is with the ul50vt...
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    Even those type of BIOS chips that aren't user replaceable can be removed can be reprogrammed manually with the right tools.
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