Last date for P3 orders from Intel: December 7. No more P3's after that.

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  1. Surprise, surprise......

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  2. any word on the PIII-M's death?
    when is the P4 going mobile?

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    It won't hurt for long.
  3. Any links to that news?

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  4. So if I RMA an PIII after this year end, then will I be returned with an P-4 or maybe even P-5???
  5. Fairwell my little buddy.

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  6. amd puppies mourning an Intel cpu, gasp!

    you pups wish that all the P3's died huh? you got another thing coming pups, P3 tualatins will still live on!

    "<b>AMD/VIA!</b>...you are <i>still</i> the weakest link, good bye!"
  7. No more P3s, that includes tualatines. Next year intel actually want to sell a P4 or two. Thats the reason.

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  8. As for your assertion that there will be no more PIII's, not even Tualatins, it's misleading. The SERVER 512k is still available, the -M is still available, and the next Celeron to debut will be a 1.2GHz Tualatin, supposedly in full PIII trim.

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  9. That could be true. I heard celerons below 900 or 933 or whatever MHz will be chopped aswell. I suppose the Tualatin will live on in that form.

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  10. yep... most of us care about a quality processor dying.

    or at least being hamstrung to create the cellery.
    the tully had alot of promise

    Need MUCH more chlorine in the gene pool i believe.
  11. Well, being an overclocker I think that if all Intel does to "hamstring" the Tually to make it a Cellery is cut the FSB to 100, then that's great! All the easier to overclock! I don't think the price will drop much on the low volume 512k Server version. So if I was given the choice of the PIII Tually or Celly Tually with the only difference being the bus speed, I'd take the Tually Celly! Why? Same reason I bought the PIII 700 instead of the PIII 733-easier overclocking.

    Back to you Tom...
  12. Another reason to turn to AMD.

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  13. So the L2 cache will be kept then? I thought they were going to cut it to 128K?

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  14. I'm hearing that they will not further diminish the cache. Remember that the Desktop PIII Tulatin alread has half of it's original 512k cache disabled, because it's the same core as the server and mobile versions. So it would not go against Intel's marketing whims to equipe the Celeron with 256k cache since ALL of the remaining products will have at least twice as much (512k for the P4 and 512k for the PIII-M) Intel's idea is to have the Celeron halve HALF the cache of it's CURRENT products, which, at the time the Tualatin Celeron hits the market, will make it 256k. We can only hope the rumors are correct, with a base speed of 1.2GHz, the Tually Celly will hit the optimum 1.6GHz when overclocked to 133FSB (optimum because that's about how far the Tually will go).

    Back to you Tom...
  15. So it'll be a PIII with celery name attached. Cool. If they left on the 512K, they'ed get heaps of sales.

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  16. You have to remember that this is second-hand information. They would not produce a 512k version of the Celeron, because that would be as powerfull as the PIII-M and P4-1.4GHz The Taulatin Celleron will LOOSE a lot of benchmarks because of it's 100MHz FSB. But raising the bus speed to 133 should make it very competitive to the so called "Athlon 1800". And it should MATCH the T-Bird at 12x133, if they really do keep the 256k cache.

    Back to you Tom...
  17. No, the PIII-M has twice as much cache (512k) as the Desktop PIII Tually/proposed Tually Celly (256k). The PIII-M is actualy a low voltage version of the 512k Server Chip. Or I should say that the 512k Server chip is a higher voltage version of the PIII-M with speed step disabled.

    Back to you Tom...
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