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Restore to factory setting dell mini ispiron

previous owner died. Did not leave administrator password behind. can anyone help please. i understand I will lose all the photos, etc. That is fine.

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    First point, we don`t know if you are telling the truth, or the mini inspiron has been stolen.

    Second of all don`t post your e-mail address in a forum post.

    It will leave you open to spamming of your e-mail in box.

    Take it to a shop to get done, as no one on the forum will help you sorry.
    In matters like this it is often taken if you have to ask, the device is or has been stolen.
    So members of the forum will not tell you how to do such a thing.
    We deal with people asking for free windows 7 licence keys and things all the time and the answer is also No on that subject also as a heads up, FYI. Take it to a computer shop to get it working again.
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  3. Don't post this again.Like i said in the other closed thread,this against forum rules.Ban will result if posted again.
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